New weed-control techniques: the results of the conference Asproflor


Theoretical insights, but also field tests, to understand how it works and how you use the practice of flame weeding, which is used to control weeds without the use of chemicals: ended great satisfaction of the organizers (Asproflor municipalities Fioriti) the technical demo day which was attended by about sixty professional landscaping and administrators, with the intent to keep abreast of new techniques.
Methods "physical" that become necessary also following the recent National Action Plan on the use of crop protection products, which prohibits the use of glyphosate and other herbicides in sensitive areas such as schoolyards, hospitals, public squares, parking etc.
To introduce the day, Sergio Ferraro, vice president of Asproflor / Municipalities Fioriti, who explained how the initiative is part of a training program for nurseries and municipalities sensitive to the beauty and quality of the places where you live and work.
So the greetings of the Mayor of Avigliana, the town that hosted the conference, who recalled that in other European countries the practice of pyroherbicide widespread for years to clean slopes, bike paths and public areas.
The coach Massimo Zacchetti, Tecnologieambiente company, explained to about sixty professionals and administrators present what will be the consequences and possible solutions to the problems posed by Legislative Decree no. 150/2012 and the NAP (national plan of action on the sustainable use in crop protection). At the end of the morning Dr. Luca Malentacchi, the AZ. MAITO, illustrated the characteristics, operation and performance of the new machines for flame weeding. With their particular burner they develop a flame to 1400 ° C, which quickly passed on surfaces destroys weeds. This practice has also been tested in sensitive places and surfaces as historical walls, archeological sites, botanical gardens etc., With amazing results.

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