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Technological innovation is the "buzzword" of EIMA International - the exhibition of agricultural machinery organized by FederUnacoma held at Fiera di Bologna from 9 to 13 November - that it devotes considerable efforts and significant events. The competition of the "Technical Innovation" is one of the traditional events of EIMA International and offers a scenario widening of unpublished innovative solutions that exhibiting companies have introduced in series production and presenting a preview of the press and the public at the festival. Investment in innovation and design efforts made by the manufacturing industries are growing, as evidenced by the high number of technological solutions (141 in total) presented in competition at the coverage of the different sectors. After reviewing the technical specifications of products and assessed the impact that new solutions can have in terms of production efficiency, eco-friendliness and safety, the jury of experts selected 25 models recognized as "Technical Innovation", and 54 additional technologies awarded as "signaling". The awards - which are delivered on the occasion of the gala evening to be held in Bologna on Saturday 12, inside the Palazzo Re Enzo - have gone to a wider range of equipment types, equipment and components, mostly inspired by the automated control of the functions, the management of irrigation and spraying operations, the safety for the operators and the eco-compatibility. The issue of sustainability of the mechanical technologies for agriculture has been highlighted in particular by establishing, for the first time, a "Blue Award", awarded in conjunction with "News" or "signal" for a total of 14 award-winning achievements. Beyond the competition Technical Innovation - that are on display in the portico at the center of the exhibition site representing a kind of "calling card" of a review that has ever higher technical contents - Research and innovation are at the center of many other initiatives. On Saturday 12 and Sunday, November 13th at upcoming sessions of the XXVII edition of the Meeting of the Club of Bologna, the Assizes of world experts who confronts on new trends of research in the field of mechanics and which will focus on new addresses and specific technologies for different areas of the world, concluding the work by the award of the international Prize "Giuseppe Pellizzi" for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of agricultural engineering. Among the events promoted at the university level should be mentioned the conference on the theme "Information technology for spreading innovation in agriculture: evidence from Europe", organized by University of Milan, University of Turin and Cadir Lab srl, which is held on the morning of Friday, November 11; and always in terms of computing and advanced electronics applications and technologies ISOBUS the meeting promoted by AEF Foundation, from FederUnacoma and Unacma, held in the afternoon of Friday, November 11 at the EIMA Desk Meeting room (Pad. 33b). "Agricultural Mechanics today: the challenges of research and testing" is the title of the seminar promoted by the Third Section of the Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering AIIA, which always takes place the morning of Friday 11 and that is the opportunity for a reconnaissance wide-ranging on the most advanced projects in this specific field of mechanics. The technical content are some meetings organized by specialized publishing houses, including the one on the new frontiers in the automotive segment titled "Horizon Stage V and beyond" (Friday 11 morning), promoted by the magazine Diesel; what about "Sewaging precision, practical aspects and innovation", promoted by Edagricole, held always in the morning of Friday, November 11; and a conference titled "Cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability in agriculture Precision" sponsored by The Informant Agrario, which is held in the morning of Saturday 13. Finally, to signal the seminar sponsored by the World Car Magazine / Machinery World along with Assomao and FederUnacoma, held in the afternoon of Thursday 10 and whose theme is "sprinkler irrigation" presenting an overview of the most advanced solutions developed by the industry in this technology, so that it appears more and more strategic because it is connected to the rational management of water resources.

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