News 2016, shower for flower beds


Among the changes planned for 2016 from Gardena (Husqvarna group) is the new launches in shower for flower beds Comfort. Diego Zambelli, product specialist explains the strengths and innovation: The new launches in shower for flower beds Comfort has been designed and built with adjustable water jet, from narrow to wide, to make it extremely versatile and is suitable for flowerbeds for large areas. The new lance shower for flower beds comfort is also equipped with anti-drop function and a new, innovative technology antifreeze. Also fitted with an ergonomic button with integrated stop. "What improvements and innovations have been introduced to better meet the needs and requirements of the user?High comfort and safety. The adjustment of the water jet in addition to being a great advantage in terms of use, is easy to activate with only one hand. The new anti-drip function prevents dripping after use. Nozzles are soft and easy to clean and the ergonomic handle with soft plastic inserts makes the instrument extremely comfortable."


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