The Grin news for the 2017 season


There are many innovations that Grin has ready for the season 2017, all dictated by the need to provide each user, professional or private it is, an ideal machine to his needs, the weight, the operator, accessories, and the budget spending.
"In 2017 - explains Daniele Bianchi, responsible for sales and marketing - Further expanding the range that goes from 10 to 15 models. We propose 12 lawnmower with patented cutting 'system cuts not collect, do not go to landfill': choosing mower without broader and comprehensive collection of market. The range of battery tools is enriched with a blower and a hedge trimmer passing from 2 to 4 models.
We have seen how they have evolved the needs of both private, that of a professional. In these years, our patented cutting system has become known and appreciated by all, today we are working in order to offer to all users of the machine is suitable for your specific application area.
Customers with gardens of similar size, they can give a different value to the characteristics of a lawn mower: some primary quality is the power, the other for weight and easy handling, for still other noise of an electric motor or the convenience of being able to start the internal combustion engine with a simple click "
The news Grin will present this fall include three new models for private use and semi-professional, with engines Brigg's & Stratton 6.75 Instart electric start button: two of which are 46 cm models, one to drive and one high traction, and a model 53 cm high traction.
This new solution, coupled with the push-button ignition system Grin, will enable the simple and straightforward operation of the motor, rendering obsolete the starter rope. The lithium-ion battery, practical and efficient, guarantees, with a charge, more than 50 start-ups. A revolution in combustion engines, which is perfectly matched to the "style Grin" in producing simple machines, and practices that make the experience less tiring cutting.
The three models for home use and semi-professional HM46, HM46A, HM53A, are also reviewed in the engine and in the height adjustment: Brigg's & Stratton 6.75 engines with overhead valves, height adjustment with a new lever and nut quick release.
A substantial redesign of the best-selling range of Grin, born from the collection of 10 years of information on these machines that today, even more than yesterday, fit dell'hobbysta needs evolved.
We will present two new battery accessories that complement the range with lithium-ion batteries: the hedge trimmer HT300 and BL300 blower. 2 cars going to flank the TM400 trimmer and mower Grin BM46 battery. Grin BM46 a machine which, thanks to its construction commercial lawn mower, the practicality of the electric motor and to the duration of performance and power of the GRIN battery, is enjoying great success, after 3 seasons of cuts. Now, these two of accessories provide a complete range and give the chance to the user to split the cost of the battery 4 tools. For use of the accessories, the battery is housed in a backpack making them very light, safe and easy to handle.
From October 2016 Grin novelties for 2017 will be put to the test on the lawn, by contacting the company at number 800 543 858, or you can see on display at booth Grin the EIMA Show in Bologna 9 to 13 November 2016 to 34 Pavilion , Stand C14.


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