News from Sabart: the cutting system for brush cutter faster


A highly innovative system, designed to facilitate and speed (switching from five minutes to a few seconds) the wire load on the head: Sabart presents exclusively for the Italian market the new Gator SpeedLoad Oregon.Serving just three moves - so reducing downtime and improving productivity - and a few seconds to return to work; In fact, we only need to open the head, insert the wire disc and close the printhead. The system is already available at garden retailers (including a head and a wire disc).Gator SpeedLoad Oregon - explains Roger Cavatorta, marketing manager Reggiana - is a revolutionary product for all those working with brush cutters and trimmers, private or professional landscapers, who are looking for greater comfort and productivity."Each disk is fully charged, you can carry in your pocket and is easy to handle: the small size allow you to contain the warehouse space and is unpacked for a better environment."The hard - explanatory Sabart - heat treated, you can halve the cost of the wire, extremely durable and with a duration of up to twice that of a standard wire. The head of the type 'Beat & Go', made of glass fiber to guarantee maximum resistance, is characterized by the side tabs which favor the opening (without tools) and the rotatable thread guide, which reduce the wear of the wire. "The Gator system SpeedLoad Oregon adapts to most gasoline mowers on the market, and is available in 3 versions."

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