Nòva Green Award, a section for garden centers


For the 2016 edition of Nòva_Green, the innovation award of the green industry within Flormart there is also a specific section for garden centers. Open to all exhibitors registered to the fair of Padua who wish to propose a product, a service, an innovative approach in the field of plant and flower industry.
"All products, services or methods chosen as finalists by the organizing team of the competition will be on display in 2016 in the special stand Flormart Nòva_Green - explain the organizers - For each section, with the exception of the one introduced this year on garden centers, are will be three winners. the jury is composed of agronomists, artists, botanists, plant designers, top-level marketers and will select the first two days of the event the products, services or methods classified the first three places and the garden center to be assigned a special mention. "

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