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A total of 15,500 companies active in the production of flowers and plants in Italy, in the second half of 2016 and their number is slightly higher than last year (they were 15,270). To disclose these and other numbers in the horticultural industry (data collected through the system of Chambers of Commerce) was Asproflor, at the Turin conference for the presentation of the competition and the guide of Commons Flowery 2017.
According to the disclosed data, the turnover of the horticultural sector alone is 1 billion 800 million euro. On a surface of 30 thousand hectares, it employs about 120 thousand production units.
"The horticultural industry is among those who have suffered most from the economic crisis, producing goods not indispensable to the power, the more cut the risk of consumption by households and governments that have sharply reduced spending in the public green - said Sergio Ferraro, vice president Asproflor - in vain, in consultation with other organizations, was requested a measure of tax relief of green works to stimulate the sector. it is therefore necessary to raise, through appropriate measures, this system that even in a bad year like 2016, to bring a positive balance between export and import more than 180 million Euros. "
It is in this spirit that is organizing its flowering: it is an action of local marketing, but also wants to be an opportunity for development and growth for the sector. There are about 47,400 of the contracted suppliers that deal with the production, sale, maintenance and care of green, generating a turnover of over € 3 billion, representing 6% of the agricultural production and equating revenue some wine.
The annual guide of Commons Fioriti, presented in Turin, contains information to visit the 140 most flowery towns of Italy, awarded in November 2016 in Bologna. The meeting was attended by the leaders of Asproflor Renzo Marconi, Sergio Ferraro and Franco Colombano, with President Uncem Lido Riba. The association of municipalities and mountain Bodies sponsors the national competition of flowering municipalities for several years and encouraged the participation of municipalities and mountain unions, also with the organization of specific events dedicated to local marketing agreement with Asproflor. "We are confident that the joint efforts of the administrations of the community - says Lido Riba - which is very important vector of development, growth, prosperity, incoming tourism. Far flourish a municipality is good for residents and tourists citizens. This commitment can also be the whole valley, like mountain Union. "
The Asproflor leaders have given to Michele Fassinotti, representing the Metropolitan City, the plaque for the highest number of municipalities in the province registered for the competition. "Officially Part 2017 contest - says the president Renzo Marconi - and we are confident that Piedmont can see the number of subscribers municipalities. Everyone can do their part."

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