Nursery, returns the exhibition of Do in Milan


Starring thirty of the best Italian and foreign growers, and especially the first flowers of the new season: Saturday 5 and Sunday, March 6, from 10 to 18 back to Milan A breath of spring", the event organized by FAI at Villa Necchi Campiglio that every year great success among lovers of the green and gardening and professionals.The exhibitors are selected by the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) according to their specialization and the quality of their production. "Walking through flowers, colors and scents that delight the senses - the organizers explain - visitors can not only discover and acquire a rich variety of plants to be planted after the winter rest, as well as furniture, tools and products for the treatment of green, but also ask for advice to the experts to renew gardens and terraces with a view of the arrival of spring. "To characterize the edition 2016, the initiatives dedicated to camellias, in collaboration with the Italian Camellia Society and the nursery of Verbania Camelia gold: in the garden of Villa Necchi will be an exhibition-market with large specimens in full bloom, while the basement will house the "Exhibition of cut flowers", with fresh camellias from the late nineteenth century garden of Villa Anelli in Oggebbio, Lake Maggiore


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