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Oasis Garden di S. Salaris

We work with passion for over 25 years and this is our real strength. We specialize in the design, planning, implementation and maintenance of private and public gardens and green spaces. We feel a streamlined and efficient able to interpret the desire of our customer and turn it into green at 360 degrees, enhancing colors and scents all year. Our goal is to understand the true essence of nature to bring our customers worked and transformed the utmost respect for the environment and to restore the real human contact with the green world, even in a small urban garden. Our passion, combined with advanced technological tools, solid preparation, a rigorous work ethic and an extreme attention to detail allows us to design with creativity and create unique works in all seasons. We are a dynamic and flexible, growing and employs a team of designers, gardeners and artisans who make their work a real passion for many years. Their expert hands is entrusted your green space so that it becomes an exclusive atmosphere to live every day with new shades.

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Oasis Garden di S. Salaris
Via Capparozzo 39, Vicenza (VI)

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