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Officinamanzato - Sales and service equipment


Customer service


Sandro Manzato. Passionate always of internal combustion engines, electronics, computer science. My professional career in the field of motorsport was born in 1996 after working for 3 years at a company known Ivrea in bank machines.

My education helped me to convince the owner of the C.E.A., BMW dealership for Canavese and the Valle d'Aosta. Within a year the chance to become the attendant electronics I immediately opened new doors, which led me to follow evening classes for three years, in order to get the computer science degree in 2000 and thus continue to form me in the specific BMW, as ATD (Technical Association graduates).

This experience was of great value and allowed me to get me back in 2005, driven by a desire for change, against a smaller but growing reality. In fact, contact with the De Santi family, owners of a Service Partner Volkswagen, made that maturassi change: from September of that year it began a new career as a Technical Manager in the Volkswagen world, another brand with a strong sensitivity in enhancing the its employees.

In 2012, in November, a new satisfaction, while officinamanzato begins to take shape, a competition at national level leads me to be the Head Coach No. 1 in Italy, with the task of representing my country in the international final held in Wolfsburg in May 2013.

Meanwhile born Officinamanzato and with the bases acquired in such an advanced world as that of cars ask myself the goal of becoming a small point of reference, at least for the availability and the desire to please customers who decide to trust officinamanzato, by engaging in provide a serious service, quality, and transparent.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Strada Romano Montalenghe 45, Scarmagno (TO)

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