With Mow N ’Stow you save space in the garage


Less space occupied in the garage, easier cleaning and more immediate maintenance: in this video Briggs & Stratton shows how the innovative Mow N 'Stow technology works, which allows you to position the lawnmower vertically, saving up to 70% of space for the storage.
With Mow N’Stow the lawnmower is stored vertically in total safety. The Mow N’Stow engine is in fact equipped with a special tank design that prevents gasoline from escaping, while the position of the oil pipe prevents leaks when the engine is in a vertical position.
Mow N'Stow technology also allows easier cleaning of the underbody and maintenance of the blades.
The lawnmowers with Mow N Stow engines in fact have foldable handles to facilitate storage.
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