Online the new blog of Agrofarma


Agrofarma, the association representing manufacturers of agricultural chemicals has created a virtual space to stimulate interesting reflections related to a theme, that the use of plant protection products, often treated wrongfully and superficial. 
Agrofarmanews is proposed as the first real crop protection magazine; next to the 'Earth and Seasons ", containing various kinds of insights on crops, their typicality and the problems related to defense, the" Focus "gives attention to insights into the professional sector and to issues less known to the general public. To complete the picture, the "News and Events" area tells all the news on the major events related to the industry and the association. 
"The opening of the blog - explain the association - confirms the willingness on the part of Agrofarma, to deal with in an open and transparent discussion on topics warmest of our agriculture, and lead to a different level of detail and discussion topics delicate and complex, with respect to which a rational and scientific approach "is necessary.

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