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The presentation of the post-graduate courses of Fondazione Minoprio for the year 2018-2019 is scheduled for Thursday 19 July, from 3 to 6 pm. The educational offer includes courses for garden technicians, gardener and organic farming technicians.
Specialization courses have been proposed for some years by Fondazione Minoprio, which has found a successful training and employment for the participants in previous editions.
These are structured paths on several modules that lead to certificates of regional skills valid throughout the national territory and in Europe; the courses, aimed at qualified, graduates and graduates, are co-financed by Lombardia Plus and Doti Regionali for those entitled to it.
Technical Specialization of the Gardens, at the 23rd edition, is the training course for those who want to have a complete 360 ° education on the world of gardening, from design to construction and management of the green.
It has always given excellent training and employment results (80% of employees, in various forms and with various contracts at the end of the course), and there are also numerous new entrepreneurial activities launched. It is divided into 3 modules; for a total of 470 hours of classroom training and exercises and 300 hours of training at two different times, in autumn and spring.
Specialization Gardener, at the 8th edition, is the course for those who want to become a professional and advanced gardener with knowledge and skills suitable to undertake this path. It is a course with good employment results that allowed 80% of the qualified to enter the world of work and in many cases, after the necessary "mess" to start business activities. Strengths are also the qualifications for the safe use of Tractor, PLE, Chainsaw and the use of plant protection products. It is divided into 3 modules; for a total of 400 hours of classroom training and exercises and 280 hours of training in autumn and spring.
Finally, the path for Organic Farming Technician, promoted by Fondazione Minoprio in collaboration with AIAB and sector organizations, unique in Lombardy, is the most complete for those who want to have a clear presentation and specific skills to be included in an agriculture sustainable and productive. More than for other specializations, the course of Tecnico Bilogico has been the support for the opening of new organic farms, individual or in company for about 70% of the qualified, the others have found employment, already during the stage in different companies. This eighth edition in response to the evolution of the agricultural sector focuses on training that can qualify a technician and an agricultural entrepreneur with tools to interact with climate, social and economic changes and is therefore a proponent of resilient agriculture. This specialization is also divided into 3 modules; for a total of 400 hours of classroom training and exercises and 280 hours of training in two different moments.
The start for all specializations is scheduled for early October 2018 and the end of the courses in June 2019. Open Day at the headquarters of Fondazione Minoprio: Thursday 19 July and Thursday 13 September from 3.00 pm
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