Becoming a green professional: open day


Open day in person and remotely, to present the training offer of the Minoprio Foundation both to middle school children who have to choose high school and to young graduates who must instead make the choice between work, University and ITS (High Specialization Technical Institute ).
Higher technician of agricultural, agro-food and agro-industrial transformations: a path for young people up to 29 years old, graduates, graduates or unemployed
The call for ITS, the Minoprio Foundation's Higher Technical Institute, in the agri-food sector is open until 28 October for the two-year period 2020-2022. A remote open day is scheduled for 21 October, with the presentation of the course program and employment opportunities. You can subscribe at this link:
For pupils who are finishing their middle school course, two appointments are scheduled, on Saturday 24 October in attendance and on Saturday 31 October remotely, for the presentation of the Agricultural Technical Institute and Vocational Education and Training.
At this link it is possible to register for the open days:

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