Private gardens open to visitors for a weekend


The most beautiful private gardens in the city are open to the general public: in Bergamo for a weekend we celebrate the passion for green with the event Open gardens". The project was launched within the event "The masters of the landscape", a cultural association Arketipos and the town of Bergamo. Some gardens have already been selected, but is still seeking candidates and the citizens of Bergamo may still present itself to the scientific coordinator of "Open gardens".Those selected by the organizers are real green oasis in the city, normally hidden from the eyes of most people, "gardens selected as representative of a certain style - explain - horticultural gardens, Italian gardens, landscaped gardens, contemporary gardens and as an expression of the owners for their green space ".Special attention will be devoted to the theme of "wild landscape": for this year in fact the goal of "Open gardens" is to identify in every garden the wild stretch and more authentic, it's a wooded area, a bed of grasses, a natural area, a pond."Open gardens" is scheduled for September 17 and 18

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