The openings of the Minoprio Foundation Park


Minoprio Foundation, on the occasion of spring blooms, opens its botanical park to the public for a few days full of green, wellness and family. Visitors not only enjoy pleasant walks and learn the secrets of gardening, can admire colorful and beautiful blooms, as well as surprise with imaginative flower beds of vegetables and annuals.
Always fascinating to visit the tropical greenhouse, the Mediterranean garden as well as the collections of trees and shrubs in the park experienced guides will help to know in depth (times of guided tours: 11:00, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30).
In the greenhouse sales may be purchased green plants, flowering and horticultural production of the Foundation, with the ability to have tips and advice of growing and care by technicians.
The Minoprio Foundation is always very attentive to the news of the "green" world, in particular the innovations that are good for health and education which are towards the younger generation. A due reflection on the evolution of man power and the growing development of food intolerances, has led us to pay close attention to new vegetables, the cultivation of which can help to preserve the environment and at the same time is beneficial for our health.
During the spring days of the botanical park opening, the traditional vegetables will be offered in the store of Minoprio Foundation, and many herbs, which always enrich and to flavor our food, including a curious variety of basil: Lemon basil , cinnamon basil, red basil, holy basil.
Also provided are tasty and healthy innovations, such as baby leaf, small but great vegetables, seedlings of vegetables, brassicaceae, asteraceae, cucurbitaceae ... but also herbaceous plants, aromatic and spontaneous. They are located at a later stage with respect to the buds (cotyledonary stage, prior to the issuance of the leaves) and microgreens (leaves from 2 to 4 cm in length).
Proposals will also oriental vegetables, green treasures for being rich in nutrition: in recent years in Italy, even for the very presence of foreigners, who come from Asian and African areas and wish to find the tastes of their culinary tradition, we are expanding the cultivation of new vegetables: in particular cruciferous vegetables, widespread in the East, very tasty and rich in nutritional value and can be eaten raw or cooked as baby leaf, if brought to full maturity. An expert will be on hand to illustrate methods of cultivation and consumption.
Among the events scheduled, Monday, April 17 workshops and tastings for the little ones. Sunday 23 and Tuesday, April 25 "Herbs and vegetable garden. The most natural 'well-being: for horticulture lovers will be set up in a vegetable garden tunnel and a vegetable garden in crates where they will be exposed horticultural berry and leaf, and our experts will lead fans in pleasant "in the Garden Journey", for have the best vegetables to your home, on the field, and potted in a container. They will be realized workshops horticulture for children.
Full program and information on site.

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