Orchards and gardens on roofs: You Need to Know


Harpo Group, Trieste's historic company leader in providing design solutions for civil and environmental engineering, with its Division seic verdepensile is among the main sponsors of Green Gables. An opportunity that comes right on cue, "Conversation with green appetizer scheduled Thursday, October 23, from 18.00 to 20 (via Lombardini22, Milan), where you can meet these and other curiosities on green roofs. Organized by Lombardini22, architectural and engineering company with a strong international vocation, the seminar will see the participation of technicians and experts recognized in Italy and abroad. The Division seic verdepensile of Harpo, always attentive to international events, is able to offer unique systems to design innovative roofing roof garden and install a roof garden in perfect Mediterranean style, keeping it in time. The company Trieste offers a wide range of systems and technologies to meet the different needs of application or use of green roofs for industrial buildings, shopping centers and office buildings, hotels and tourist facilities, residential housing and underground garages, but also hospitals and care centers, schools and recreational areas, public green. With years of experience, Harpo offers solutions and accessories to meet every need specific technical knowledge, even the most demanding, with particular attention to safety devices for maintenance. "Harpo is pleased to sponsor events that can raise awareness of the undisputed advantages of green roofs - explains Maurizio Crassus, Director, Division seic verdepensile - In addition to increasing the value of the property, the hanging gardens can save energy up to 30% and are good environment: improve the urban temperature, reduce noise pollution and the peak of concentration (flow of water) through a partial water retention. Do not overlook the fact that contribute to the protection of biodiversity, being true and its micro-habitat"."The recent legislation with tax breaks for green roofs offer many advantages for those who choose to turn your roof into a garden, but has yet to be fully explored because companies and individuals are able to capture the opportunity - says Maria Elena The Rose, Chief Technical Officer seic verdepensile - the value of this meeting is just to explore the theme of making the public aware of insiders and not the revolutionary potential of green roofs as a tool to reshape our cities and live better"."

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