Orchids: in the emergency room and an exhibition in Verona


Over a hundred specimens, among the rarest and most admired, a meeting point sos" with experts and collectors to show their plants, courses and advice, even from a wedding planner. For lovers of orchids is an event not to miss the one organized to Flover garden center of Bussolengo (in the province of Verona) 6 to 21 February, when it will stage the 27th edition of the "Exhibition of orchids."For the "month of love", lover turns into a romantic garden, colored by over 100 species of orchids, rare and special, which will be presented by major collectors in the world.In conjunction with the exhibition it will also launch the operation "SOS orchid": there will be experts and collectors to answer any questions asked by fans who can bring from home their plants for tips on how to cure them or grow them at best.But because the orchids are also among the flowers loved by brides, there will also fioriste professionals available to advise on the creation of fine bouquet and on the installation of church and location.Finally, for those who want to deepen their knowledge about the fascinating world of orchids, Flover offers educational courses with leading experts in the field: a full immersion techniques of cultivation and conservation of orchids in the home."

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