The organic cultivation of the vegetable garden


Cultivating the garden using natural and biological remedies for its defense: Tuesday, January 16th at La Tela di Rescaldina (in the province of Milan) the Francesco Beldì handbook "Defending the vegetable garden with natural remedies" will be presented, a complete guide on how to preserve the home garden from the use of pesticides and chemicals. The meeting, with free entry, will start at 21.
Francesco Beldì is a long-standing agronomist. He has been involved in organic farming since 1991 and has worked in inspections and controls, technical assistance for production, promotion and development of new markets. Very active in training and dissemination activities, he is the author of organic farming manuals (including the best-selling book "My organic vegetable garden", with almost 20,000 copies sold) and numerous articles in specialized magazines.
"Defend the vegetable garden with natural remedies - phytosanitary, macerated, traps and other bio solutions to grow without poisons" (Terra Nuova Edizioni) is a manual that helps to recognize the main plant horticultural parasites and suggests the natural remedies to contain the damage. Each remedy is analyzed to explain its mechanisms of action so that it can be used in the most effective way.

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