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From organic fertilization to healthy eating: Compo Italia (with the organization and management of Neways) presents the free educational project "Biocoltiviamo", aimed at all classes of Italian secondary schools for the 2018-2019 school year, with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment.
The Biocoltiviamo Project intends to offer a current and updated support to the educational path of the classes in food and environmental education, also involving the artistic-visual aspect.
The project is a useful tool for getting to know the basic activities in agriculture, from fertilization to cultivation, covering the entire agri-food chain "from the field to the table"; deepen the biological theme and the consequences of agricultural and food choices on health and the environment; to acquire knowledge and behaviors aware of food and its origin; sensitize the boys to the care of their health through proper nutrition; educate in the care and respect for the environment to promote sustainable development; favor the development of a "scientific thought": to be able to describe and relate land, manure, seeds, plants, flowers and fruits. Observing the cyclicity: the cycle of the seasons, the crops, the plants and the food cycle; offer suggestions for the realization of a possible educational garden at school.
A free educational kit will be sent to all schools, including educational booklets for pupils and teachers on various topics related to the organic food chain from nutrition to nutrition, a poster for the classroom or school bulletin board, as well as a letter of introduction to training objectives and participation rules.
The students, with the support of the teacher, at the end of the didactic project will also have the opportunity to participate in a contest presenting an artistic project on the themes of the project.
There are technological prizes for the school: silos, video projectors and 3D printers.
To follow the various moments of the competition, the website was created, where further educational and informative supports will be provided for teachers, children and families, as well as general information on the kit and the rules for participation. Furthermore, you can view the schools participating in the project.
Even more dynamic will be the Facebook social channel activated to share the project with other schools and families, and to follow the various updates on the progress of the activity.
Participation is open to 1,500 classes throughout Italy and is expected to involve about 40,000 families.
The Compo staff will follow each phase of the activity with great interest, waiting for the choice of the winners.
If a class is interested in participating and receiving the educational kit for free, it must send the enrollment form by e-mail to by September 30th.

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