Organic insecticide for plants in greenhouses or in the field


To counter the oziorrinco and treat plants grown in greenhouses or in the field, Icl has a biological insecticide that contains a fungus that acts on the larvae: Met52 is a product suitable for the treatment of substrates of plants that grow in containers or in open fields.
"The different species of Oziorrinco cause huge damages that are often initially underestimated because they are not directly visible from outside", they explain from the company. The larvae are present in the substrate, feed the roots and thus compromise the development and stability of the whole plant.
Adult insects instead cause aesthetic damage, eroding the leaves. "The characteristic half-moon rosures determine the non-marketability of the plants", they continue from Icl.
The oziorrinco affects many types of plants, ornamental and not: Aster, Photinia sp., Prunus laurocerasus, Buddleia, Taxus, Cupressocyparis leilandii, Erica, Azalea, Blueberry, Ribes, Fragaria.
For the fight against oerorrhyn, ICL proposes Met52 Granulare. Formulated on medium grain rice kernels, the Met52 granules contain Metharizium anisopliae, a fungus that parasitizes the larvae and causes its death.


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