The Horticulture Study Days 2019


On February 8th and 9th the appointment with the "Giornate di studi" of Orticola di Lombardi is back, the cycle of four-year in-depth meetings started in 2012 to spread the culture of plants and gardens among the public of green enthusiasts. To host them will be the Gallery of Modern Art in via Palestro (admission free while places last).
The conferences for the four-year period 2017-2020 are organized by Filippo Pizzon, vice-president of Orticola di Lombardia i and Margherita Lombardi, botanical journalist, founder and editor of Italian Botanical Heritage.
"For 2019 a study on nature in the city is proposed, a topic of growing interest also for the constant process of urbanization in the world".
In the face of a constantly growing urbanization, the demand for "green" from the citizens is also increasing. "Here then - explain the organizers - emerge proposals of designers, opinion makers, sociologists and famous" fans ", who promote the planting of trees, offer new forms and technologies to be applied to one of the world's oldest works, that of the gardener . However, these new roads are not always sustainable from a scientific or security point of view, moreover the administrations are often not prepared to respond to requests as to the proposals, so a picture emerges that, if on the one hand it is exalting for the increasing attention towards environmental issues, on the other hand it is worried about the anachronistic positions, for the unsustainable proposals from the ecological point of view, due to the lack of detail on a 'fashion' theme ".
The Horticultural Studies Days of Lombardy are looking for certain answers, asking professionals and communicators, artists and experts in the field, scientists and gardeners to answer the questions most frequently asked by the citizen, but also to propose virtuous examples of inform us about good news and worrying risks, in the usual and now traditional multidisciplinary setting of the cycle of meetings.


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