In Milan begins the 22nd edition of Horticulture


Three days dedicated to flowers and plants in the center of Milan, with the excellence of Italian florivivismo and beyond. On Friday, May 5 begins the 22nd edition of the Horticultural Exhibition, the Indro Montanelli public gardens in via Palestro and Piazza Cavour.
The initiative, whose proceeds are destined for greenery, was born in Milan in 1996. Horticulture for Milan from this year deals with the arrangement and maintenance of the Perego Garden, inaugurates a new four-year cycle of "Le Giornate di Studi" And the Royal Palace Garden, and follows the expansion of Flower Gardens to Citylife.
"The Horticultural Exhibition - the organizers explain - hosts the most important showcase for Italian nursing research, proposes a green path to the discovery of rare talents and plants, rare and of a thousand properties, welcomes botanical associations, but also simple Enthusiastic collectors, set up "green entrances" and the precious fountain, invite jury, arrange meeting times and services for visitors, and confirms how the national event is to get the best of florovivaismo research. "
Italian plants for the Italian garden are the theme proposed for Orticola 2017. "Italian flora is made up of numerous genres and species of plants in large numbers and varieties in all the environments of our territory, ranging from mountain ranges to beaches. From Horticulture - Considered precisely this diversity, both in environments and vegetation, it is possible to find and identify which plant can be best adapted to our garden. We must therefore learn to consider our green spaces as an integral part of the surrounding nature, following the evolution and evolution as the seasons change in different climates and in different Italian environments. "
Horticulture has therefore invited nurses to present spontaneous or natural species in the various areas of our country, because they are the ones that best fit, need maintenance and less frequent irrigation, grow and flower more easily.
By doing so, choosing spontaneous Italian plants or naturalized, it protects and stimulates not only our plant biodiversity, but also that of animal: the latter is joined to the former by a thin but robust thread.


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