Orticolario 2019: open call


The competition for the "Spazi Creativi" 2019 international competition for the design and construction of thematic gardens and artistic installations to be set up for Orticolario 2019, which will take place from 4 to 6 October at Villa Erba on Lake Como, is now open. The eleventh edition is dedicated to "Berries and small fruits", while the theme is the "Journey".
The international creative competition is aimed at architects, designers, landscapers, artists, gardeners, nurserymen who are invited to design and create thematic gardens and artistic installations to be set up for Orticolario 2019.
The jury will evaluate the projects of original spaces, liveable and usable gardens, which contemplate a dialogue with the surrounding space, respect and enhance it. "The theme of the" Journey "evokes adventures, myths and legends of men and plants that tell the story of exploration, thanks to which new species have populated and transformed gardens and landscapes. Discoveries that have allowed and still allow the continuous improvement of human life through science, of which nature is a source of inspiration and guidance - explains Anna Rapisarda, curator of Orticolario - We ask anyone who wants to participate in the international competition "Creative Spaces" to experiment with a new idea of garden and artistic installation, we therefore ask to start with the imagination towards a long long journey ».
«The berries are, together with the leaves that start to change color, the protagonists of autumn and winter. Often these are small edible fruits. They are also the means of reproduction of the plant that produced them, even through the fauna that makes them food - comments the founder and president Moritz Mantero - Orticolario dedicates the next edition to the beauty of their shapes and their colors, just to celebrate this wonderful cycle of nature ".
The selected projects, realized as part of Orticolario 2019, will be evaluated by an international jury: the winner will be awarded the "La Foglia d'Oro del Lago di Como" award, produced exclusively by the Vetrina Artistica Archimede Seguso di Murano (VE) . The prize is unique and is kept by the winner for a limited period, to then be exhibited at Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo on Lake Como until the next edition of Orticolario. The names of the winners are included in the Register of Gold displayed next to the prize.
Registration for the competition is free and must be sent in writing by and no later than January 31, 2019 to the Organizing Secretariat of Orticolario, at the e-mail address info@orticolario.it. The complete rules, the announcement and all the details are available on the Orticolario website.

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