Orticolario 2017, opened the creative competition


It 'opened the international competition "creative space" for the design and realization of gardens and this year also art installations.
Registration is free and must be submitted in writing no later than 31 January 2017 to info@orticolario.it. More information, complete rules and bans, are available on the Orticolario web site at this link: http://orticolario.it/concorso-internazionale-spazi-creativi/
The aim is to select the most innovative projects that, once implemented within the park, can speak to visitors and tell through suggestions that a garden can unravel.
Orticolario promotes the latest edition of the international competition for the design and construction of themed gardens and art installations in the park of Villa Erba in Cernobbio, home of the event.
The competition is open to anyone who can design and set up themed spaces, in a meeting between beauty and nature. Gardens and facilities will be bright spaces, original, simple and communicative, contextualized harmoniously within the Villa Erba park, and choice. Compliance with the existing landscape, or the 'genius loci' is an essential element as well as complete the space of contemplative sessions and providing adequate lighting for the opening night.

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