Orticolario, open entries to the 2018 competition


The "International Space Spaces 2018" competition is open for the design and construction of gardens and art installations to be set up at Orticolario 2018, from 5 to 7 October at Villa Erba on Lake Como. Theme of the year will be the "Game", the mainstay will be Sage. The 2017 edition closes with the proclamation of the winner of the Visitor Prize, Space Archiverde "Moonlight Garden".
So, at the international competition "Spazi Creativi 2018" for the design and realization of gardens and artistic installations that will be selected for the theme of the year to be set up at the tenth edition of Orticario in the Villa Erba park: The selection board evaluates the projects of original spaces, livable and usable gardens, which contemplate a dialogue with the surrounding space, respect and enhance it.
Projects must interpret landscapes with creative freedom and material choices, with the possibility of using the most diverse language and artistic / cultural references. The commission is particularly attentive to the quality of the inspiration behind the project, and the use of contributions other than pure "Garden Art" can be a distinctive feature. The announcement states that the interpretation of the theme is binding for the implementation of the project.
"The theme of the game is very extensive and complex, and requires a lot of creative and conceptual effort to not trivialize it. In fact, play is not just fun, but as a discovery, surprise, astonishment, irony, illusion, experience of relationship with nature and others - explains Anna Rapisarda, Horticulturer - We ask anyone who wants to participate at the international "Creative Spaces" competition to experiment with a new idea of garden and artistic installation, we ask to bring the sense of wonder to Orticario. "
The selected projects, carried out within Orticario 2018, will be evaluated by an international jury: the winner (in 2017 Spazio Garden Lignano "Ciclicità Lunare", Roberto Landello's project) will win the "Golden Leaf of Lake Como ", realized exclusively by the Archimede Seguso Murano (VE) Glassworks. The prize is unique and is guarded by the winner for a limited time, to be then exposed at Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo on Lake Como until the next edition of Orticolario. The names of the winners are included in the Gold List displayed next to the prize.
Entry to the competition is free and must be sent in writing no later than 31 January 2018 to the Organizing Secretariat of Orticolario, at the e-mail address info@orticolario.it. The complete regulations, the notice and all details are available on the Horticultural website at this link: http://orticolario.it/concorso-internazionale-spazi-creativi/
And as they start to see the looks of the next edition, it closes the one just ended with the announcement of the winner of the Visitor Award 2017, awarded through the contest "Vote your favorite creative space". He has won the "Moonlight Garden" Space Project by Leonardo Magatti, which, remember, also received the "Grandi Giardini Italiani", "Stampa" and "the President" prizes. Among all the visitors who voted, a winner, Fabrizia Romanatti of Como, who wins a silk accessory of the Be Me line of Mantero Silk, supporter of the event, who has specially created for Orticolario with the colors and the image of the 2017 edition.
"In 2018 Horticulture celebrates its tenth edition with Salvia and the 'Game', a theme that lends itself to being declined and interpreted in multiple ways - says Moritz Mantero, founder and president of the event - Horticulture wants to stimulate creativity in living its own space in direct contact with nature. But talking about chattering, at Villa Erba next October will be played with the salvies ... "

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