Orticolario goes to France, at Les Journées des Plantes


Again this year, from 19 to 21 May, Orticolario is in France in the park of Domaine de Chantilly. It is described with the "Riflessi" installation, conceived by the passion of different talents. "Reflections" is garden and contemplation, encounter between nature and man.
"The garden - they explain from Orticario - is a temple where man recovers the encounter with the sacred, where he joins the mystery of the world where he contacts the cosmos. The garden is a space of the soul. "
Inspired by this concept, Orticolario chose to tell the installation "Riflessi", born of the passionate interaction of different ingenious. At the center of the garden stands a cubic-shaped steel structure: a cube without walls, as it was designed. Only the profiles and the mirrored ceiling are present, in which an opening is made, a window on the sky. At the heart of the structure, at the opening, there is a square tank full of firm water, which creates a further reflective surface that can "capture" the colors of the sky, the trees, the leaves, the moon. The square and the cube, symbols of terrestrial perfection, blend with water, which in turn reflects the sky. A game of mirrors, with reflexes, and geometric shapes that transform this space into a place of reflection, meditation, a "temple" where to find oneself and contemplate the surrounding nature.
And in the garden designed by Carla Testori, a formal garden revamped in a contemporary key, the geometries are composed and disintegrating among the satsuki lawns of Lake Maggiore by Paolo Zacchera, while prospective games and mirrors vary and amplify the perception of spaces surrounded by majestic Cypresses Taxodium distichum and the suggestive Lake of Swans, embellished for the occasion by the floating aquatic gardens of Valerio La Salvia. "Reflections" is garden and contemplation, encounter between nature and man.

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