Horticultural Prize at the French Festival of Gardens


Important recognition for the "Riflessi" installation, made by Orticario at Journées des Plantes, a prestigious French gardening event held from 19 to 21 May in the Domaine de Chantilly park.
The Golden Ribbon is a recognition given by the Journées des Plantes Selection Committee to the most desirable aesthetic installations, placed at the highest level of awards, followed by Silver and Bronze Ribbons.
The "Riflessi" installation was born from the passionate interaction of different ingenuities. At the center of the garden there was a cubic-shaped cubic structure, a cube without walls. There were only the profiles and the mirrored ceiling in which an opening was made, a window on the sky. At the heart of the structure, at the opening, there was a square tub filled with firm water, which was to create an additional reflective surface. A game of mirrors, with reflexes, and geometric shapes that transformed space into a place of reflection, a "temple" where contemplating the surrounding nature.
The garden where the structure took shape, designed by Carla Testori, was embellished by the great beauty of the satsuki azaleas of Lake Maggiore by Paolo Zacchera and surrounded by the Swan Lake, made even more impressive by the floating aquatic gardens of Valerio La Salvia.
"We have worked hard to bring Orticolario over national borders, and the award received rewards our efforts," exclaims Moritz Mantero, president of Horticulture. "We went to Chantilly to present the Italian elegance: as in Villa Erba on Lake Como, where our event takes place, even in France our role, our task, was to celebrate beauty in the garden" .
The 2017 edition of the Journées des Plantes met with the public's favor: well over 31,000 visitors, and over 200 plant exhibitors. Well nurtured Italian nurses, including Oscar Tintori, awarded for his citrus production.

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