Orticolario a success by 28 thousand visitors


The journey of the sixth edition of Orticolario through the sense of smell and the garden as an experience of the senses ended Sunday, Oct. 5, with over 28,000 visitors. An unprecedented success - as said Moritz Mantero, president of Orticolario - fills us with pride and is a veiled concern at the same time, because it will not be easy to overcome in the future, the quality and numbers of this edition." "A success - continues Mantero - had certainly all'inedito combining the high-style English nursery, for which in fact the Chelsea Flower Show is our main source of inspiration, and features, typically Italian, of beauty and elegance that make Orticolario an event unique and internationally recognized. "Orticolario, Anna Rapisarda and as a result, inter alia, have received from Jaap Kras, director of Floraculture International, the international prize for the best FloraForever promotional image in 2013, in the presence of Bruno Rope, Prefect of Como, Antonella Bellomo, Prefect of Lecco, and Paul Vans, mayor of Cernobbio. Curiosity of this edition: the baptism of a new variety of Sedum crested, unique in the world, which was dedicated to Arturo Croci, an expert in floriculture, a member of the Committee of Orticolario and recently awarded the Miflor of Padua's Lifetime Achievement Award. Considerable success was achieved in program events, from presentations of books to practical workshops, demonstrations botanical, the Round Tables Scented

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