A virtual visit to Orticolario


For one year, until the next "live" edition (1-3 October 2021) Orticolario will be online with an innovative digital project called "The origin": a free platform that will allow visitors from all over the world to virtually visit the gardens of Villa Erba.
Last year almost 30 thousand visitors for Orticolario.
"The origin", Orticolario's virtual project was conceived in anticipation of being able to meet again in person. The organizers explain: "It is the story of the origin, of the spark from which an idea is born, of how Seduction and Maple, the themes of the year, are the inspiration of all the realities that participate in it. It is an immersive experience, developed with Matterport 3D technology, usable from computers and any device (recommended for desktop), including VR (virtual reality) viewers. It projects the user in any place, thus breaking down any geographical barrier ".
Entry to "The Origin" is free and the contents will be constantly updated until the 2021 edition.
The virtual tour experience in 3 dimensions takes place at Villa Erba and offers a walk in the park, in the exhibition center, in Villa Antica for a guided tour, and in its dungeons.
Along the way you will find linksable points of interest, each of which is an exhibitor, from the nurseryman to the craftsman, from the artist to the landscape architect, who presents a card with the products and news of the year, a project, a thought .
Numerous cards feature a video, each of which is a portal that opens onto landscapes in Italy and around the world.
Here the link to the Orticolario web page: https://orticolario.it/
Here the link to the Orticolario platform "The origin": https://mpembed.com/show/?m=XBPXJex7ULX&mpu=650

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