Orticoltura Fratelli Chimini



Orticoltura Fratelli Chimini

In early 1900, James, the founder of Chimini family, place of head gardener tasks in a hotel in Riva del Garda, which was part of the 'Austro-Hungarian Empire. It's appropriate to say that the commitment of Chimini family in the production of plants has very deep roots. It must however point out that the activities managed independently from the family begins only after the end of the war. In 1920, Toscolano, James, helped by his sons, begins the cultivation of horticultural fruits followed by the production of plants and flowers. In the early years the work of Chimini family takes place on rented land. In 1930 Giacomo Chimini and his family bought a plot of land on which they begin the cultivation of carnations and chrysanthemums. The big development of the company they will from 1945. The five children of James extend the lakeside up to a 30 thousand square meters, the center of the Cape, in an area where the weather conditions favorable to floriculture. In 1974 the grandsons of James Chimini took over in managing the company making improvements to facilities and equipment, purchasing new machinery, expanding the greenhouses and replacing old ones with other more technologically effective. The greenhouses will reach an area of 10 thousand square meters. After eighty years from birth and four generations the great-grandchildren of James Chimini continue the business by presenting a vast selection of nursery plants, flowering garden plants and indoor destined for the Italian market and abroad
Since 1920

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Orticoltura Fratelli Chimini
Via Statale 38, Toscolano Maderno (BS)

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