The Orto di Nemo: basil salad and grow under the sea


Following the trend of urban gardens, here is what may become a new trend: grow lattughine under the blanket marina. It is a fact that the algae are grown in the garden first diver in the world, known as Nemo", but basil and lettuce, which after being tested, have shown an organoleptic quality equal or even superior to the plants from traditional crops. New frontier in agriculture-submarine to Noli and Liguria, which earns it the primacy in the world in this type of cultivation, still experimental. The cultivation in the sea takes place inside two biospheres diving material wine partially transparent anchored on the seabed, 100 meters from the coast and about 6-8 feet deep.To implement the project, called the Garden of Nemo, is Mestel Safety, a group company of Ocean Reef, historical brand of diving. "The biosphere - explains Sergio Gamberini, sole director of the company and the project promoter - has a stable climate, thanks to the constant temperature level of the sea, and an equally constant humidification, by evaporation of sea water that laps the seedlings in the lower part of the biosphere. Furthermore, the cycle chlorophyll maintains acceptable levels of oxygen and CO2 and there are potentially danger of attack by pests or insects in cultures as terrestrial ".In a previous test conducted in September 2012, on the site where it started officially experimentation, basil germinated after about three days after sowing and the plants have developed very quickly. In the summer of 2014 is repeated the experiment on the coasts nolesi planting, in addition to basil, even three different species of lettuce, using a larger structure, with a capacity of 2000 liters (the first had a capacity of 800 liters each) and that allows three people to operate simultaneously. The study of hydroponics underwater represents the frontier of the experiment economically sustainable, since the transport of the ground under water is expensive, while the natural water desalination seems a more easily practicable also from the economic point of view.Finally, with regard to the future, this type of testing could bring favorable changes in coastal cou"

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