Garden Festival 2016, that's who are the finalists


the finalists were selected for the fifth Garden Festival, which will take place within the frame of Ortogiardino 2016, at the Fiera di Pordenone March 5 to 13.The Selection Board chose the fourteen projects, the public can visit Ortogiardino inside the fair. The project - said the organizers - were known for their creativity and for proposing specific solutions that are sure to amaze and inspire visitors. All projects are united by the stimulus directed to the creativity of the designers on living material that connotes the garden: trees, shrubs, flowers, arranged inside it, which create different environments and suggestions. The in-depth knowledge of plants and their specific use will be the tools available to designers and filmmakers to propose innovative solutions and stimulate the perception of well-being of those who visit the garden at the fair and take ideas for your home. The heart of the selection button is the challenge of creating a garden in a small space. For designers it is a unique opportunity: to have a prestigious showcase how Ortogiardino, both in terms of public visibility, both in terms of media coverage, thanks to the presence of more than 65,000 visitors, including those from neighboring Slovenia and Croatia. unmissable opportunity, considering that all the participants consists of both young designers that are already established designers, from different professional formats (architects, agronomists, land surveyors, nurseries, etc.). "Here is the list of the fourteen selected projects: NaturART (Massimiliano Dellamaria and Arianna Dorissa, Ester Baruffaldi, Gola Hundun artista, agr. Nicola Van den Borre con Vivai Francesco Van den Borre)


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