Orthotherapy: open day for the course in Monza


The orthotics course of the Agricultural School of the Monza Park will take place in Monza from 4 February to 22 March. Wednesday, January 16 (at 10.30) is scheduled an open day during which the program will be presented.
The course is aimed at training operators interested in operating in re-habilitation and therapeutic with the method of orthotherapy.
Horticultural therapy has its foundations, scientifically proven, in the benefit on the individual work in contact with the green, and is based on rehabilitation techniques that arise from the fusion of socio-health and agronomic psychoeducational skills.
The Agricultural School, a pioneer in the field of orthotherapy, which has been working with this tool for decades, both at its headquarters and at various local institutions, has structured a theoretical-practical course lasting 200 hours to provide adequate specific preparation.
The main topics that will be addressed: definition, aims and benefits of orthotherapy; the professional figure of the operator in orthotherapy (role, tasks and positioning within a health team); various types of disadvantages (autism, Alzheimer's, social problems, the elderly, subjects with special needs ...); benefits and impact from everyday activities in the green.
The course is aimed at all those who intend to approach a new profession even if they come from different educational and professional fields and to operators of: hospitals, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric and low intensity communities, prisons, etc.
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