Oscillating sprinklers for any type of garden


For a uniform irrigation of rectangular and square surfaces of any size, Gardena presents seven new oscillating sprinklers, consisting of two Aqua and AquaZoom product lines,
Thanks to their protection from frost and UV radiation and to the metal elements, the new oscillating sprinklers are robust and long lasting, and this allows you to leave them on the lawn even after use, without fear of any deterioration.
Simple and intuitive settings allow easy use for any user.
Easy to install, manual mounting of oscillating sprinklers and connecting a hose require only a few steps. Once the hose is connected, the water can be opened and the plants will be irrigated reliably, without worries. Extremely flexible, they allow you to water only one side (left or right) or both sides simultaneously.
The adjustment levers they are equipped with allow you to easily set both the range and the type of irrigation.
Cleaning the oscillating sprinklers is very simple since their inlet connector is equipped with a metal rust filter, which prevents dirt particles from entering. The filter can be removed by unscrewing the connector, so that it can be easily cleaned under a jet of water.


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