Outdoor whirlpool tubs


Softub is American manufacturer of whirlpool tubs with experience in the wellness industry. The whirlpool tubs are oortable because of their weight, they can be instalate anywhere, without any prior preparation, such as the terrace, garden or wellness room.

The Softub internal structure is "PolyBond" a very light material and other insulating power that keeps the heat inside the tank, reducing the consumption of electricity.

Whisper is the combined pump / heating units Softub, while circulating the water is heated using the residual heat of the engine, to the benefit of energy savings, Whisper consumes 800 watts intent.

The outer covering of the Softub is "Leathertex", an extremely durable vinyl weatherproof.

The board, optional, negno mahogany or poly rattan allows you to customize to your liking Softub. games of lights with LED illiminazione gives magical atmosphere.

Thanks to its advanced technology, Softub gives relaxation through simple gestures: just press a button. Goodbye complicated mechanisms, welcome simplicity.


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