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Pagano fiori - Flowers and furniture
Pagano fiori



Pagano fiori

Pagano Flowers was conceived by Cosimo Pagano, Group Director and Chairman of Camaflor The innate passion for nature, which over the years has become increasingly consolidated, has led me to believe more and more in this fascinating world floriculture. I started this activity when you give plants was a luxury and not a "necessity of life." Today with the development of knowledge are witnessing a culture and a growing awareness of consumers towards green living, this makes us optimistic in the continuation of our business. In the early seventies the national productions were minimal, they depended on foreign countries, now the situation has changed, today Italy is among the first European countries in the production of plants and flowers. I started my floriculture producer in 1971. The activity began in a small family ruin on the outskirts of Ruvo di Puglia. To gain experience were made several working visits abroad, mainly in the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium, to obtain technical information, both on the productions both on the facilities and infrastructure. All this made it possible to transfer these experiences in their own company. Within a few years, thanks to the initiative of the members and to the various investments, increase their production, so as to become a reference company nationwide. For about twenty years I have followed the production company. In the idea of expanding the products and to give a more complete and professional service to customers, in 1988 has started a new company in the industrial center Il Baricentro Casamassima called C.A.M.A. (Center agricultural managerial assistance) subsequently renamed Camaflor, first company in Italy to focus on a single point of sale, plants, flowers and various decorations and accessories. Thanks to the important achievements over the years and to better specialize the various divisions of the company, founded in 1999 Pagano Fiori which is in charge of only the recommended sale of the plants only for large traders. The Pagano Flowers thanks to the experience gained over the years plays an important action regarding floricole productions in your area. The company develops its assortment of domestic products only, wanting to show the market that the Italian CAN 'product and MUST be a reference point for the sale of green living. The Pagano Fiori is a reality in national floriculture, fruit of an everlasting optimism, aware of having to face increasingly difficult and courageous choices, along new roads and proposing to the market in order to anticipate the times, introducing news, and Quality Products They have always been the company's cornerstones.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Pagano fiori
Via Don Primo Mazzolari 7, Ruvo di Puglia (BA)

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