Paolo Bacchin



Paolo Bacchin

Always I deal with parks, gardens, terraces as well as vineyards. I put all my passion. A passion for nature and the magic of the green came from small, inherited from my mother, which only in recent years has become a profession. First of all, however, it is my real passion.

It is always a passion that I made gardens to live in Venice, reported parks in Riviera to its former glory, but also created gardens in small terraces, or put order with love small gardens.

My ideal garden is made of native plants, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and all and respecting the seasons and the use of natural products.

Why do not we hear? I do not know what I can do for you. Cutting hedges or fruit trees, prepare a new lawn, reinvent your space to derive a vegetable garden or the games for the kids, or maybe more.

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Paolo Bacchin
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