The most beautiful Park enters the Technical Committee of GardenTV


"The most beautiful park in Italy", the national network that brings together over 1000 parks and gardens of the peninsula, becomes part of the GardenTV technical committee.
The Technical and Scientific Committee was created by GardenTV with the aim of always providing authoritative and qualified content to professionals in the sector. It is made up of associations, foundations, research institutes, vocational training bodies selected for their prestige, competence and professionalism.
The Committee works, supporting the publisher and the editorial director of GardenTV, as a body for reporting and developing topics and topics. This includes AIPV (Italian Association of Green Professionals), Agricola 2000, Fondazione Minoprio e Formazione 3T.
The last entry is that of the portal "The most beautiful park" which aims to enhance the architectural and landscape heritage present in our peninsula, helping to stimulate interest in sensitivity to the green in its most diverse forms. Over 1000 Italian parks and gardens are part of bringing, and are present in the online guide that helps to promote their knowledge and visit.

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