The parking becomes a hanging garden


Where there was a parking lot ... now there's a roof garden. A square in Catania has been the subject of an innovative project that has transformed an open space intended for parking of cars on the roof garden.The area has been turned into a parking lot of two basement floors (also for bicycles) to Borghetto Service Europe, a gathering place for all at the center of the city, and over the parking lots was built a roof garden. This is the largest project in the region.To make it concrete, the Harpo Trieste: are served plastic material to retain water (often about 5 cm) which is laid on the substrate (mineral composition, which does not lose thickness over time, and is very light) from 15 to 30 cm.On the square garden they were planted gorse, prickly pear, lavender, grass strips and tubs with trees and flower beds of shrubs.Photo (from Facebook page Borghetto Europa)


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