The parliament discusses the tax incentives for the work on the Green


While in Rome, in these days, it discusses draft laws related to the issue of tax incentives for the redevelopment of the green, in Milan Monday, October 24 (from 10 to 13, at the Palazzo Lombardia) will be held the Forum promoted and organized by Assofloro Lombardy with guests (professionals and institutions) who will give their point of view on the subject.
The law of balance is being discussed these days. There are two bills in the House (PDL Room No. 3800 On.Bernardo and PDL Room 3787 OnBorghi and On Tentori)
and a DDL in the Senate (DDL1896 Sen. Susta) related to the tax exemption of the green works.
"Their approval - explanatory Assofloro Lombardy - would bring increased employment, tax revenue, the real estate value, the quality of life, ecological environmental restoration of the built environment, reduction of heat island. And a lifeline for Italian horticultural sector. a sector that boasts a large number of companies and industry professionals, but suffered a major economic contraction.
Besides the economic aspect, is of primary importance the environmental impact that the incentives in question would produce, as will have opportunity to present Dr. Baraldi CNR. The reduction of the pollutants and the heat island reduction in fact, goes in the direction of what is stated in CoP21 of Paris, with the aim of lowering the temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. In light of this, the Forum has even was sponsored by the Ministry of Health, the first time ever in an event linked to the horticultural industry. "


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