Pavement in the garden: seminar for professionals


It is called "Where the grass ends. Flooring in Beauty ", the meeting scheduled for 8 June at the Minoprio Foundation conference hall, within the professional seminars program organized by the institute for this spring.
The morning of training (starting at 9 o'clock for closing at 12.30) is aimed in particular at technicians, agronomists, architects, builders and maintainers of green gardens, with the aim of presenting technical solutions for the furnishing of gardens. To organize the meeting, which entitles to the acquisition of credits for agronomist and forestry practitioners, is Fondazione Minoprio, on the idea of the Alto Lombardy florivivaistico district, in collaboration with the Order of Agronomist and Forestry Doctor of Como Lecco and Sondrio.
The seminar will be conducted by the architect Massimo Semola who will deepen in the first part the logic, function, architecture of paved areas in gardens and open spaces in general (avenues, pitches, terraces, playgrounds, parking lots), so it will illustrate materials and technique Leaving room for questions and debate.

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