Pebbles and granules to decorate the garden


They are suitable for decoration of public green spaces, but also private gardens, landscape architects, but also hobbyists: granules Zandobbio offers a wide range of granules and pebbles to decorate gardens.
The granulates are natural stones of irregular shape and do not work and are from marble, porphyry and granite. The pebbles on the other hand are characterized by the typical round shape.
"We selected the widest range of products from the best quarries of our country - explanatory Granulati Zandobbio - to give customers the opportunity to choose from a large variety of stones. It has always been our specialty is the production and processing of Italian marble and world-origin, to turn them into decorative products for landscape architecture and DIY. "
Pebbles and granules are available in different sizes and in different color varieties, to better adapt to the needs of the design of green spaces.

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