Geranio: new city trend for the summer


The many varieties of geranium, which are distinguished by colors, flowers and leaves, can adapt to the city environment. And geranium is therefore a new urban trend, thanks to its ability to withstand heat and ease of care. Pelargonium for Europe gives some suggestions to make this plant the protagonist of balconies and terraces.
"A green and flowered terrace above the city roofs: there is no better place to enjoy the summer in the city. The Geranium plant, native to South Africa, loves the direct sunlight of a south-facing balcony. And even if these plants can tolerate a partial shade, the rule is: the more sun they take, the more flowers they produce. "
Thanks to its origins, even the summer heat waves that affect the cities of today more intensely than ever, are not a problem. In case of extreme temperatures, it is important to ensure that the soil does not dry completely and that the plants are watered regularly: in this case the self-repellent jars are particularly suitable. The fact that summer humidity is about 8% lower in the city than in the countryside, is a favorable condition for Geranium.
An advantage for city dwellers always on the move, even on weekends: the ability of the Geranium to store a lot of water in the stalks and thick leaves, thus surviving short periods of drought even on very hot days.
Many ideas for creative use of geranium in urban settings can be found at
Pelargonium for Europe is a marketing initiative founded by Gerani growers Dümmen Orange, Elsner PAC, Florensis / P. van der Haak Handelskwekerij, Geranien Endisch and Selecta One. The initiative started in 2016 with the aim of promoting long-term sales of geraniums in Europe.
Photo: Pelargonium for Europe

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