Pellenc and Giant Trees to protect the trees


New collaboration between Pellenc and Giant Trees Foundation onlus: battery-powered equipment will be used in the association's school camps and in routine activities, as well as in events promoted by the foundation, to show the benefits for both operators and the environment.
"Working in an eco-sustainable way is certainly a fundamental aspect for those who love nature and a must for our foundation", explains Andrea Maroè, Scientific Director of the Giant Trees Foundation onlus.
Giant Trees research has led to the study of some of the oldest and largest trees in the world, all over the world.
"Among our latest discoveries - explains Andrea Maroè - there are: the tallest tree in Italy in Vallombrosa in Tuscany (a Duglasia of 64.47 meters that we have called Italian Tree King) and the largest silver fir in the world in Montenegro of over 60 meters in height, 7 meters in circumference and 80 square meters of wood, currently the 18th largest tree species in the world ».
Giant Trees Foundation onlus was born from the experience of three generations of arborists, with the aim of knowing, studying and protecting large trees.
Our passion is the other fundamental aspect of the Giant Trees Foundation to disseminate and make known the new discoveries, the studies on the importance of large trees and the correct methods of care and management of the same both in the urban environment and in the forests.
Following the 2018 Vaia storm, which destroyed over 10 million cubic meters of trees in the Triveneto, the GTF, involving many volunteers and students, with the project "Make A New Wood" has done a huge fundraising job in favor of territories affected by the event, reusing fallen trees as Christmas trees.
"The possibility of using and personally testing these equipment offered to us by Pellenc Italia is for us at Giant Trees Foundation a considerable incentive to improve our work and the professionalism of our members who, by knowing this equipment better, will be able to contribute even more to safeguarding the 'ecosystem and green giants', concludes Maroè.

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