Pellenc Italia srl

Pellenc Italia srl

Pellenc, for 40 years the company of international size and founder and creator of innovative professional equipment and low environmental impact, is considered, by all competitors, the pioneer and leader specializing in the design and production of machines and equipment for the management and maintenance of spaces and green areas, viticulture, olive growing and arboriculture.

Pellenc Italy adopted at birth (1997) a policy of strong respect for the environment by introducing first to market the innovative technology of the lithium-ion batteries in portable power tools used for the maintenance of public and private green areas.

Pellenc Italy offers the full range Green & City Technology of professional power tools with low environmental impact, that meet the needs of the professionals in terms of noise and olfactory pollution, energy conservation, power, weight and autonomy to allow precision work effortlessly in compliance Community rules.
Rely on our brand means guaranteeing the professionalism of an undisputed market leader and have the best professional portable power tools.

Here is the crux of the matter: we are at your disposal.

The Pellenc offers a range of equipment for professional use intended for the maintenance of green areas, Parks and Gardens, Pruning and felling, with features set the acronym IPER: Innovative, Professional, Ecological, Profitable.

Since 1997

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Company headquarter
Pellenc Italia srl
Località Pian dell'Olmino 82/2, Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI)

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