Pellenc professional battery-powered mower test

Lawn mower review (2 video)

For the "Reviewed in the garden" section, GardenTV has tried the Pellenc Rasion 2 Smart cordless mower. A professional and performant model tested and commented by the professional gardener Alberto Corbetta. The video review shows the features, operation, materials and price of the model.


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In this video the professional gardener Alberto Corbetta tests the Rasion 2 Smart lawnmower, the top of the Pellenc range, easy to handle, light, compact and with professional power.
A machine that is easily transported and offers a truly flawless cutting quality.
The Rasion 2 Smart lawn mower, in this test equipped with the ULiB 1500 battery, guarantees up to 5 hours of cutting, i.e. 5,400 m2.
Lawn cutting is perfect thanks to the double knives, with a cutting width of 60 cm. The IP 54 protection also allows you to work in the rain. The low noise and no battery consumption make the Rasion 2 Smart model suitable for working even in sensitive areas and without any time limitation.

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