Excelion 2: professional power for every use


Excelion 2 is ideal both for clearing forest vegetation and for managing urban greenery.
The power of the electric is surprising from the first use; this is also released immediately as soon as the key is pressed, without inertia.
By learning to manage the tool at different speeds, it improves both autonomy and the quality of work. The wide choice of heads and blades is highly appreciated. It is possible to change accessories according to the work to be done. Finally, the new handle guarantees better handling thanks to refined ergonomics.
The brush cutter is really handy and practical to use. The advantage of not having a heat engine is that the tool is lighter and more balanced, thus making mowing less tiring. The harness itself is very comfortable. In general, the autonomy is very satisfactory.
The 1500 battery lasts between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the speed and type of vegetation encountered during cutting and mowing.
Important to remember: the shredder disc consumes less energy than the floss in the case of fatty herbs.

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