The ABC of the garden perfect


A vegetable garden that rivals the neighbors? For all fans who would like to explore the theme of how to achieve the best, and know the main cultivation techniques, in collaboration with Viridea My Garden organizes from Saturday, February 20, in his garden center, a free course and a series of meetings with the expert.The courses (two hours) will be conducted by Massimo Mercantini, journalist expert in gardening and horticulture and agricultural expert Marcello Mattiazzio, Orto Mio Experts - explanatory Viridea - will address various issues related to horticulture, from location the garden and the choice of the most suitable plants to grow, with a more detailed plan for the hybrid varieties, vegetables old and grafted plants. "Topics covered also transplanting, fertilization and irrigation, and tips to recognize and fight diseases and pests most common. Finally, we discuss how to grow vegetables with the natural system and will be given advice to successfully grow different crops. The courses and meetings with the expert are free and do not require registration

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