Permaculture courses and bio fertility


Bio-Ethical Gardeners organizes two new training days in Veneto and in Tuscany, dedicated to permaculture and soil fertility.
The first appointment is on Sunday 28th October in Chioggia, with a workshop on practical applications of permaculture conducted by Paolo Vergine and Francisco Panteghini. During the workshop a 2000 sqm farmland will be planned at the gates of Chioggia.
During the day various topics will be examined: principles of permaculture; areas and sectors; analysis of the needs of the place and users; hints of synergistic and organic regenerative agriculture, food forest; soil, water, plants, animals; site design from general to retail.
On Sunday, November 11th in San Giuliano Terme will be held the first technical day of the Bio Ethical Gardeners in Tuscany with the collaboration of CLT (Centro Lombricoltura Toscano) and the participation of Domenico Prisa, leading researcher of "micronatural" agriculture systems.
The technical day will be dedicated to the exploration of the links between soil health and plant health, fertility, soil regeneration, mycorrhizal associations, the use of effective microorganisms and the chabasite zeolite.
For information: or 328.7021253.

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